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How do I consign with you?

We carefully select preloved mid to high end pieces in excellent condition. All items must be cleaned prior to drop off, with no signs of damage or defaults.

If you would like to move forward, please send us images of your items via Instagram (@golightlyonline) or email (info@golightly.net.au). Alternatively, you can visit us in-store.

Please note: We are unable to provide recommended prices prior to consignment. As a guide, resale prices are approx. 40%-60% of original price, depending on condition.

We look forward to helping you cash in and re-home your pieces.


What do you charge?

Our fee depends on the sale price of your items. You can view a breakdown of these fee’s below:

  • 60% – for all items under $200
  • 50% – for all items between $200 – 1,000
  • 40% – for all items over $1,000
We also take limited rentals on consignment at 50/50

What does that include?

The full service:

  • Price all items based on extensive market research. Each item is assessed and priced according to condition, how current and secondary market value.
  • Take images of each item, styled in our own way and edited to showcase your pieces in the best light.
  • Sell items through our highly active database online and in-store customers
  • Offer around the clock customer service to assist with any queries customers may have around sizing, styling and condition.
  • Process all sales, payments and shipments to customers.
  • After 4-6 weeks any un-sold items will be returned.
  • Any follow up with customer payments and shipments after the sale.


When/how do I get paid?

Consignors are paid on a 4 week cycle via direct deposit.

Where are we based?

66 Mount Eliza Way, Mount Eliza, VIC, 3930


What brands do you consign?





Alexander McQueen

Alexander Wang

Apiece Apart








Camilla and Marc

Cecilie Copehagen





Dion Lee









Golden Goose




Isabel Marant


Jac + Jack

J Brand

Jerome Dreyfuss


La Bottega

Lee Mathews

Louis Vuitton

Lucy Folk



Miu Miu




Rag & Bone



Saint Laurent

Scanlan Theodore


St Agni

Stella McCartney




To hire from our Rental Section please read our Terms and Conditions below and contact the store directly to arrange hire. 


[Effective 29.04.2017]

Please read all Terms & Conditions Carefully as by using this site and the Golightly service, you are bound by these Terms & Conditions (T&Cs).
    1. Acceptance of Terms of Use
      1. These Terms of Use & Service apply to the golightly.net.au site and the Golightly Service and Hire of products.
      2. By using the Service or visiting the Site golightly.net.au, you accept these Terms of Use and any modifications that may be made to the Terms of Use from time to time; if you do not agree with these Terms of Use you should not use the Service, or visit golightly.net.au.
      3. These Terms & conditions constitute a binding legal agreement between yourself and Golightly.net.au.
      4. We reserve the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time and in any manner at our sole discretion. Any modifications will be posted within the Terms & Conditions and are effective immediately.
      5. Your continued use of the Site states that you agree with any modified Terms & Conditions of Golightly.net.au.
    2. Our Service
      1. golightly.net.au allows customers to hire products for a term specified at time of purchase or booking in accordance with these Terms of Use.
      2. Once a booking has been made Golightly will have the item shipped to the Customer’s address.
      3. Bookings for hire products can be made directly through golightly.net.au but are not confirmed until you have received a confirmation email from Golightly stating confirmation and receipt of payment.
      4. Items are subject to availability and we reserve the right to cancel your reservation at any time prior to the specified delivery date if an item is no longer available for use or is damaged by a previous borrower.
      5. In the case of cancellation of your booking by Golightly the full hire price including postage will be refunded within 7 days, or alternatively, another item can be offered at the sole discretion of Golightly for an equal or greater value of the hired item.
    3. Billing
      1. Your reservation is only confirmed once payment has been received and confirmation email has been received from Golightly.
      2. Payment through the shopping cart on golightly.net.au requires complete and correct Credit Card details including your full name and correct Billing Address.
      3. Any additional fees incurred through Credit Card or PayPal transactions are at the expense of the Customer.
      4. When you hire an item you will be required to sign & accept these T&Cs and provide a personal guarantee of full liability of the garment whilst under your possession. (Refer to Section 5 – Damages)
      5. We may modify the price, content, or nature of the Service of golightly.net.au at any time. Any changes will be published to the site and effective immediately.
    4. Cancellation
      1. You may return a product hired from Golightly in the case that it does not fit, or the item is damaged.
      2. If you wish to return an item for a credit (less postage cost and $10 cancellation fee) you must contact Golightly immediately by email (info@golightly.net.au), on the day you received your item.
      3. Returns must be Express posted back to Golightly using the Australia Post Express Guaranteed Service on the same day that you received your item to Golightly 66 Mt Eliza, Mount Eliza Vic 3930 using the Express Post pack provided.
      4. Items must be posted at your local post office or placed in a Yellow Express post box prior to cut-off time in your local area (Usually 5pm). In the case of returns you will be credited the full hire price less postage and $10 cancellation fee, provided the item is not kept overnight and has not been worn. To ensure you cannot be charged for late return please obtain a lodgement receipt at time of lodgement at your local post office. This is the only way to prove that the item has been posted. Dropping in a street Post box is at your own risk and you will be subject to late fees.
      5. Golightly reserves the right to cancel a booking at any time should an item become unavailable through damage, not returned from previous hire, or be in a condition deemed by Golightly as unsatisfactory for hire.
      6. A confirmed reservation may be cancelled for a full refund provided your delivery date is more than 30 days away. In the case of cancellation of a confirmed hire made within 14 days of your delivery date a credit for the same amount will be issued for the hire amount to be used for any future hires.
    5.  Damages
      1. Please inspect the item you have hired immediately upon receipt to ensure it is not damaged at all (Check for stains/ fabric pulls/ teared seams).
      2. If no damage is reported on the day of receipt of your item you will be responsible for all damage noted upon return to Golightly after your hire.
      3. When hiring from Golightly you are expected to care for our hire items as if they were your own.
      4. Please avoid direct contact with:
        • Make-up
        • Fake tan
        • Sharp objects and Jewellery
    6. Damage:
      1. In the instance where an item is damaged, repair costs will be taken from your security deposit (if any) that was left at the time of booking.
      2. If repair costs are higher than the security deposit, or if you have not provided a deposit, you will be liable for the full repair amount and payment must be made to Golightly within 7 days.
        (b) Spills & Stains:
      3. If the item is stained and requires specialist or additional cleaning this charge will also be liable to the customer and payable within 7 days.
        (c) Damage Beyond Repair:
      4. If any item is damaged beyond repair, you accept full liability and acceptance to be charged the full Recommended Retail Price (RRP) as stated on the site golightly.net.au
      5. Golightly reserves the right to make full & binding decisions on the final condition of any item, its ability to re-hire, and requirement for replacement.
      6. The customer acknowledges any payment liable will be unreserved or with held from Golightly regardless of the customers entitlement or receipt to any third party insurance or payments they may be entitled to.
      7. If an item is damaged or not returned you will be sent an invoice for the full Recommended Retail Price of the Garment as stated via email and on our site at time of booking.
      8. Any invoice for damage must be paid within 14 days of the invoice date before the matter will be referred to a debt collector and credit agencies.
      9. At time of hiring if you become aware of any damage to the item you have hired please contact info@golightly.net.au immediately.
      10. Do not try to remove a stain or repair damage yourself as this will often cause further damage and you will then be liable for the full RRP of the garment.
    7. Insurance
      1.  Golightly offers a $15 insurance premium at checkout for the customer to accept at their own discretion.
      2. Any insurance premium paid through Golightly covers the customer for any damage, repair, alteration or additional cleaning required to a value of $115 incl GST.
      3. Any additional costs above $115.00 AU paid by Golightly to rectify, clean or repair an insured hire item will be payable by the customer.
      4. In the event an insured item requires replacement, the customer will be liable for 50% of the RRP if they selected & paid the insurance premium for the hire of the specific item damaged.
      5. The customer will be liable for full repair & replacement costs (up to the full RRP as noted in Section 5) for items not insured through Golightly.
      6. Golightly will not accept any third party insurance policies and the customer acknowledges and accepts full liability and requirement for payment to Golightly in a prompt manner should additional costs be incurred
    8. Postage & Delivery
      1. At time of booking, please state the date you will be wearing the item.
      2. The selected item will be delivered to the customers address no later than one day earlier than your event date.
      3.  Items are available to be delivered earlier subject to availability. If you require your item to be delivered earlier please email info@golightly.net.au
      4. A return addressed Express post pack will be included with your delivery.
      5. Please place the item in the provided express post pack and place in a Yellow Australia Express Post Street Post box or lodge at you local post office the next business day after your event.
      6.  In the case your return day falls on a Sunday or public holiday please place in a Yellow Australia Post Street post box for next day collection or lodge at your local postage office the next business day.
      7.  If you do not return (send) your hired item the next business day following the event date late charges may apply.
      8. Late Charge Fees:
        The following late fees apply due to fault of customer:
        1 Day                                   We will cover it
        2-6 Days                             100% of listed hire price of item
        Beyond 7 Days                  Full RRP of the hired item as noted on the       Golightly Website.
      9. The customer will not be made liable for any late payment fees through error of Australia Post [Note: Australia Post will only track item if hand delivered & scanned into an Australia Post Outlet]
    9. Garment Cleaning
      1.  All Dry Cleaning is completed by Golightly upon return of the item.
      2. Do not dry clean any hire items yourself, if you do have an item dry cleaned you are liable for any damage caused through Dry Cleaning and also late return charges.
    10. Copyright
      1. Copyright in all content across social media, website & email (including text, graphics, logos, icons, sound recordings) is owned by or licensed to Golightly.
      2. No use of any material may be used without express written permission from Golightly. Any material reused, copied, distributed, must be credited to Golightly.
    11. Generally
      1. The Terms and Conditions of use of service from Golightly and golightly.net.au are effective immediately upon publication to the site.
      2. Golightly Rent & Recycle is owned by Sally Williams and Emma Nosiara
        ABN:                     64226506417
        Contact:               Golightly
        Postal address:   66 Mt Eliza Way, Mount Eliza
        Contact:               9775 2531